Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Depending on the jurisdiction and criminal charge, the Defendant is often required by the court to successfully complete a program with ASAP.

Reckless/Aggressive Driver Classes

This is a program for nonalcohol related charges/convictions. Participants in this program usually have charges such as reckless driving, passing on the right, driving too closely, or those driving violations that contribute to aggressive/road rage behaviors. This class teaches participants to handle stress and manage anger while driving. Emphasis is on preventing reckless/aggressive driving and avoiding being a perpetrator or victim of road rage.

Ignition Interlock

This is a statutorily mandated program for offenders convicted of Driving Under the Influence. In this program, a device is attached to the offender's car which prohibits it from starting unless the offender is alcohol free. The offender must blow into this device before starting the car. The equipment logs the offender's blood alcohol level during each use, and detects any tampering that is made to the interlock system. Additionally, while driving, the offender will be required to give a breath sample every 10-20 minutes. If the offender tests positive while driving, the car's horn will sound, and its high beam lights will flash on and off. Any tampering with the interlock system by the offender (Class I misdemeanor) will cause the offender to be sent back to court as non-compliant. The offender can be jailed for this tampering, as well as pay a heavy fine.

First Time Drug Offender

This is a six month program for first time drug offenders. Most first time drug offenders follow a program which consists of a combination of monitoring and education. Some offenders, however, are sent to treatment programs for additional help.

Driving on Suspended License Program

Virginia Code § 46.2-355.1 directs that upon receiving notification of a second conviction for driving while an offender’s license, permit or privilege to drive is suspended or revoked will be required to report to a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program within sixty days of the date of such notice for intervention. The ASAP representative will review all applicable laws with the person attending the interview, provide guidance with respect to budgeting for payment of court fines and costs, if applicable, and explain the laws and the consequences of future offenses and may refer the person to any driver improvement clinic.

Habitual Offender Restoration Evaluation

Virginia Code § 46.2-360 directs that any person who files a Petition for Restoration of Driving Privilege - Habitual Offender be directed by the court to have an evaluation conducted by a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and recommendations submitted to the court.