Military Personnel

Military Personnel Face Harsh Penalties When Arrested and Convicted In Civilian Courts.

At The Law Office of Megan Blancho, P.A., we understand that a criminal charge can have adverse effects on your military career. As a military spouse to an active duty member for over 10 years, Megan has worked diligently to protect the rights and careers of service men and women. Megan knows from working with military members how a simple misdemeanor offense, which may result in a minor fine and inconvenience to a civilian, can have drastic consequences on the careers of honorable soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.

After an arrest, most military personnel have to face restrictions and extra duty; many are punished under Article 15 of the UCMJ and lost pay and rank; some are even separated under a Bad Conduct Discharge, losing years of honorable service and military retirement benefit opportunities.

The military will often wait until the civilian courts have resolved the case before taking final action.

If you or a military family member has been charged with domestic assault and battery, underage possession of alcohol, DUI, or other misdemeanor or felony matter, time is of the essence to retain an attorney to work hard for you.